Live webinar with Nazanin Bigdeli
​​​​​​​"From Chaos to Alingment"

Duration : 90 minutes (includes 30 minutes Q&A).
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Date & Time:
21st of March 2024 
Time : 8 pm Central European Time / 3 pm ET (U.S.A.)  / 12 pm PST (U.S.A.)

​In a world often overwhelmed by Chaos, fear, and a sense of losing control, it's time to embrace a profound truth: Chaos isn't our adversary. It's our call to transformation.
We are extraordinary beings with the inborn ability to shape our own reality.

Join us in our transformative webinar, 'From Chaos to Alignment', where you will gain the tools to find clarity, reduce stress and reclaim back control over your life.
Secure your spot today as Now is a time for Change.


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20:00 CET

From Chaos to Alignment

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Presentation by
Nazanin Bigdeli

90 minutes

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